Left Fire

by Arcane Roots




released February 21, 2011

Recorded by Chris Coulter @ Stakeout Studios,
Mixed & mastered by Chris Coulter @ Homeless Music



all rights reserved


Arcane Roots Kingston Upon Thames, UK


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Track Name: In This Town Of Such Weather
You find me well and in good light
After what has seemed forever
While trees grow old from lasting, I am finding new things late
To find her in this weather

I hope these leaves keep falling
Down down down down

So keep me holding all the night
We have our scene together
I can't keep holding back the bruising hastens hesitate
And could not be without her

I can't foresee anymore problems
Problems I can do without
This is the beginning of something

I gave you all the things
That you threw away
Is it that you're so ungrateful or that you can't bear to say?

How does she make me
forget all I was before?!
She came and saved me
Under all these leaves that fell
Track Name: You Are
If you know who you are when everything falls apart
You are
If you keep it together when everything comes untethered
You are, whole.

And if you hold it in, until the sides wear thin
You are
And when our time is through, you'll see in front of you
You are

You let the light stream over
You let the light stream over you
We will do better now you are.
Now you are
Like you are

So let's build a house though I don't know how
Let's make it some place
That we'll call home
Like you are
Track Name: Home
Let's build this house, and we won't be heard again for so long, they won't know or remember both our names.

Let's build this house, and we won't come back again for so long, they won't know or remember both our names.
Track Name: Rouen
So what we had worked
Now I'm old and crippled with hurt
It's always me that flirts
But it's me the holds in the dirt

So what are you waiting for?

Hold me no,
I'm better left
Don't let go
I'll bury it
Lies I know

I showed you were it'd hurt
And this place just makes it worse
A curtain to our time
I'm seeing all my faults
And it seems
I fell unto her

And If I did it all again then I'd come running straight to you.

So what are you waiting for?
Track Name: Million Dollar Que$tion
I would hang my head for what you've done
I think I've got a problem but I'm not the only one.

This is the
Last time I
Will answer to these questions

Unloved? and
Not even friendship after all.

And this is what I've carried, alone, inside.
And I could barely get by, day by day I'd get by living as though I'm fine.

Your loved the feeling deep inside you, I lost that feeling long ago, though time is healing I still look back, at all times it showed.

Because it's what I want
Give back
All the times that I loved

You'd have thought I would leave it there
Now I'm well and better off
But I can't not say that every time that you said it
I trusted in you
Where did those feelings go for me?

I don't even want to remember loving you
I don't even want to

And I won't run, or hide, or kneel this time
Don't run, don't hide, don't kneel this time

It's old thinking, down the hole, rectify, safe in your inaction.

I can't see it
Track Name: Habibty
I will take care of your heart
I know you've had it hard
But all i know is
We're at the start.
Track Name: Long & Low
My few and only friends
She steals what's left of
Your self respect

I ain't lying
This is what happens when,
You have my back for yours

3am is old and tired
We'll sleep when we have
Restored all our fires

I'd die if you weren't around to pick me up again